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Breathing Exerciser

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This breathing measurement device helps to gently exercise your lungs while relaxing your body. It is respiratory exerciser that will give you a lung workout. So, take a moment and observe you breath with Soulgenie’s lung strengthening device. It makes breathing easier, reduces breathlessness. The breathing exerciser helps restores breathing power and improves vitality & quality of life. Helps to protect your lungs by expanding your lung and exercising your lung capacity .The exerciser has a mouth piece, three measuring chambers to show your progress. To use this exerciser, sit up on the chair; hold the exerciser upright with the good /better/ best label facing you. Exhale fully BEFORE you begin. Now, place the mouthpiece in your mouth and seal your lips around it. Breathe in as slowly and deeply as possible. This will raise the balls in the chambers one by one. Try to keep the ball in a better or best position throughout your entire breath. At the end of your inhalation, hold your breath for at least 10 seconds while allowing balls to fall back to zero. We recommend you to do it at least three times in a session to measure your best effort. This practice will indicate to you how well your lungs move air into your blood. The lung exerciser helps increase your speed & strength. As a respiratory exerciser, it helps maintain bronchial hygiene and avoids infection.


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Breathing Exerciser

Breathing Exerciser

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