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Anti glare glasses for night driving

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Benefits of Night Vision Glasses

It often gets difficult for human eyes to adjust in a dark surrounding. For an instance, one the most difficult activity for our eyes to perform during the night can be driving. It is so because; the depth of our vision field gets reduced severely in the dark. Moreover, the sharp glare of headlights from the other vehicles can cause severe strain to the eyes. In various other circumstances and professions, the requirement of effective night vision can be preeminent. Therefore, if your night vision has not been really favorable then, you must adopt the use of night vision glasses. What are night vision glasses? Night Vision glasses are devices of the electro-optical genre. They help in amplifying the existing spark of light in your surrounding with the help of image intensifiers


Anti-reflective coating (also called "AR coating" or "anti-glare coating") improves vision, They give the driver a feeling of seeing better. See better even in the worst weather By eliminating reflections.

Improves your vision at night Compatible during driving Car and Bikes


AR coating provides numerous benefits, including:

1. Improved Visual Clarity and Comfort

With no light reflecting off of your lenses, more light will reach your eye. This increases visual acuity and reduces the need to squint, especially during deep focus tasks like driving or using your computer.

2. Better Appearance

If you have glasses without anti-glare coating, you’ve probably had issues with taking good pictures, Any bright lights or camera flash will reflect off of your lenses. Anti-reflective lenses eliminate this glare so that everyone can see your eyes.

3. UV Protection

Anti-reflective coating also helps protect your eyes from UV rays (sunlight that doesn’t appear on our visual spectrum).

4. Better Sports Performance

Glare can be a big problem in many outdoor sports. Anti-reflective glasses or sunglasses help to reduce this light and provide you with a clear field of vision.

5. Reduced Eye Strain

Glare can cause serious problems during deep focus tasks or work that takes place on a screen. Eliminating glare during these tasks will help put less stress on your eyes.

6. Less Blue Light Exposure

Digital devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, and TVs all emit harmful blue light. Some anti-glare coatings help to reduce your exposure to blue light, improve your sleep pattern, and reduce eye strain.


Color: Yellow
Type:  Aviator Sunglasses
Frame Material: Metal
Frame Size: - Unisex
Country of Origin: India


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Anti glare glasses for night driving

Anti glare glasses for night driving

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