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Natural Beauty Glowing Skin Products by JaiHo Herbal

Natural Beauty Glowing Skin Products by JaiHo Herbal

very single one of us can relate to struggling with some sort of common skin problem or condition—think breakouts, sunburn, rosacea, or skin texture, to name a few. Chances are you've also experienced trying a barrage of treatments or products to successfully or unsuccessfully banish or cure whatever it was.

 the various forms of bias people of color face, self-presentation (whether it be via our attire or grooming routines) can go a long way in boosting confidence. But as a person of color myself, I know firsthand how much time and effort it can take to find a skincare regimen that works—especially in this world that often fails to prioritize us.

Having more melanin can lead to unique challenges when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. Think: the impact of folliculitis and pseudo-folliculitis barbae (another way to describe razor bumps) on darker skin tones. People with darker skin can be more prone to hyperpigmentation from acne or other skin conditions, an effect

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